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14th Annual Michelle Pickens Memorial Golf Tournament

14th Annual Michelle Pickens Memorial Golf Tournament

June 18, 2011

The Michelle Pickens Memorial Foundation is excited to announce the 14th Annual Golf Tournament. This year we are extremely energized because when we meet our goal the tournament will have contributed over half a million dollars to the
LifeNet Health Foundation!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why this tournament is so very dear to our hearts. In 1997 my wife Barbara and I consented to donation when our 14-year-old daughter Michelle died of a brain aneurysm. Her death devastated our family. However, through the gift of organ donation, we were better able to deal with our loss. Since her death we have worked closely with LifeNet Health to promote organ and tissue donation. Through our experience we learned there is a tremendous need for organ and tissue donation.

Over the past fourteen years, we, along with a small committee, have held an annual golf tournament to raise donation awareness in the community we live, Hampton Roads, Virginia. We have become so committed to support LifeNet Health, the Michelle Pickens Memorial Fund, Inc. is now a non-profit organization of its own.

Last year the tournament had over 300 golfers and rose over $60,000.00. To date, the tournaments have raised over $450,000.00. With all the donations and sponsorships that we received from previous tournaments we were able to help fund the Healing Garden Child Grief Webpage, sponsor various Donor Family Weekend Bereavement Retreats and were able to reach nearly 50,000 people at, a bereavement support website for organ and tissue donor families and other bereaved persons. Most importantly we were able to help educate the residents of the Hampton Roads area of the need for Organ and Tissue Donation.

We have accomplished a great deal, but much more must be done. This year's goal for the Michelle Pickens Memorial Golf Tournament is $65,000.00. An admirable goal and one that we feel is achievable.

The forefront of our mission is to care for those that make transplant a reality, our donors and their families. Our contributions to the LifeNet Health Foundation are used solely for these purposes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 757-430-2049.

Barb & Ron Pickens

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